Movember Monday

Well, Movember us upon us.  What does that mean?  Simple, every Monday in Movember ModBlog will be featuring mustaches.  Those glorious bands of facial hair that can be sculpted into majestic beasts.  As for those amongst you that prefer the full beard, fret not, as it is No Shave November, so expect to see the occasional beard pop up this month.  And guys, remember, get those beards started because Bearduary is only a couple months away!

For the first Mo of Movember we have thebearuk sporting a tattoo by Steve from Skunx in London, which I found in the oldschool tattoo gallery.


So get those Mo pics sent in!  If you don’t have a Mo, or can’t grow one of your own, don’t worry, I’m sure you can come up with a way to show your love of the Mo.

7 thoughts on “Movember Monday

  1. wait a minute… I thought mustaches were in March… right? No-shave November and Mustache March… hmmm… never heard of Movember or Bearduary… but I like it!!!

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