Heart at work

It’s always interesting to see a master at work, and when that master is John Joyce, you can expect to see something fantastic.

Curious as to what John is cutting?  Keep on reading to find out.

Casey Nichols sent in these pictures of her BME Heart cutting, and the larger versions can be seen in the BME Logo Scarification gallery.  Also, if you’re interested in seeing more of John’s work, check out his own gallery.

Hopefully we get some pictures of the scar down the line for a Friday Follow-up post.

8 thoughts on “Heart at work

  1. Scarification always looks soooo amazing! But it seriously scares me so much. It seems like it be would be so unbearably painful lol! So anyone who has it you are so so brave in my eyes; kudos to her it looks great, and kudos to him for doing such an amazing job

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