Movember = No Shave November

So while today has been all about the mustache, we must not forget about the best form of facial hair, the beard!

Thankfully with No Shave November upon us, a lot of beards are starting to show up in the galleries.  And with every good beard, a mustache is sure to follow.

Now, seeing as how this is a beard post, and knowing how much the ModBlog readers love their bearded men, I figured might as well post an image not only of a beard, but of a bearded zombie lumberjack.


Big thanks to Overkill for sending in this photo of his Halloween costume.  Or was the the photo of his normal attire?

6 thoughts on “Movember = No Shave November

  1. I wasn’t expecting Halloween anymore, and before seeing that he was a zombie lumberjack, I was SERIOUSLY worried about his face :)

  2. Jenn; me too. I was first like woah, that’s gonna leave some scars, before realising it was a Halloween costume (the axe kinda hinted that, but you never know with modblog).
    Also, no-shave month for girls would be pretty liberating. I’m taking bart in a Movember charity run, and am working on a fake tache that I can stick through my septum, since I can’t grow one of my own.

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