John Waters, Eat Your Heart Out

There are very few people that can successfully pull of a pencil ‘stache without attracting the attention of Chris Hanson.  Salvador Dali did it, Raoul Julia was able to do it occasionally, Prince became a sex symbol with his, and of course John Waters has been rocking his for decades.  Now when many of us were kids, especially those of us with dads who had a mustache, a pencil could easily transform into a mustache.  Just stick it under your nose and curl your top lip.  It was the memory of doing that as a kid that led IAM: Ominous Angus to get this finger tattoo.  To him it’s a reminder to never grow too old.

The Refined Gentleman

He is a man of impeccable tastes.  Always knowledgeable of the finer things in life.  And you can always spot him in the crowd as the classiest looking, probably sporting a dignified mustache .  To give an example of such refinement, The Wong Fukin Person has sent in this photo.

To see the non-blurred version of this dapper looking young man, you know what to do.

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Movember Mourning

Well, this is the final Movember Monday post for the year.  It’s been a great month, and we’ve seen a lot of fantastic mustaches.  For some people the end of the month means a day to shave away that band of brilliance upon their upper lip, yet to others it becomes a point of pride, a light in the darkness, a place to grow not only an epic mustache, but a beard as well!  So while Movember is finished, Bearduary is just around the corner, so get those beards growing!

Now to celebrate the end of the month, lets take a look at one of the finest mustaches that has been submitted in the past month.  While I don’t know the name of the gentleman pictured below, I do know that the claw scars on his shoulders were done by IAM: Dark freak from Brazil.

No-shave November

With all this talk of Movember, it’s sometimes easy to forget those among us who don’t just grow in a mustache in November.  Take KingFrankWaits for example, he’s rocking an expertly curled ‘stache that blends in well with his beard.  I’m guessing that the purplish mark around his nostril piercing means he just had it done shortly before this photo was taken.

He also looks like a genuinely happy guy, which is always nice to see.  And given how many e-mails I got this month asking for some bearded boys, I’m pretty sure there will be some other happy people when they see this photo.

More Movember Madness

With every mustache there is the chance for a beard.  ICollectTheDead shows us just how much that is true.  Looking very dashing (and a little psychotic) in his suit, he’s proving that one can have multiple labret piercings and a beard without the two conflicting.

The madness isn’t over yet.  Coming up later today, my choices for best mustache and beard combo, as well as best overall mustache for the month.

Movember Monday

There’s only a few days left to celebrate Movember, so with this last Monday in the month, we’re going to take a look at some of the best mustaches that have been submitted over the past month.

What better way to kick off a celebration than with a cake, or at least BrainDamaged’s take on a cake.

Sporting an excellent Van Dyke, BrainDamaged is also taking part in a pretty challenging play piercing session.  The candles, when lit,provide an element of danger that might not be obvious at first glance.  If he were to relax his arms at any time the flames from the individual candles could merge, potentially causing a strong enough heat source to do some real damage.  You can see it happening on his right arm with the two candles that are placed really close together.

Visually it looks great, and is a fantastic way to kick off the last Movember Monday of the month.

Movember Monday

It’s Monday, it’s Movember, that must mean it’s time to post another Movember picture.  This morning we have a very happy looking IAM:The Wong Fuckin Person showing off his 7/16″ somatic glass mustache that he put into his 5/8″ septum.

Keep sending in those Movember pics, there’s only a week or so left in Movember so lets see how those mustaches are coming along.

Movember Monday

Welcome back from the weekend everyone.  With the end of the weekend, that can only mean one thing, the dreaded Monday.  But wait, what’s this?  It’s Movember; that means it’s time for this week’s Movember Monday.

This week we have a very regal looking mustache from the devilishly handsome DanInRealLife.   Oh, and he also has his hands tattooed, as well as a bunch of piercings.

You can never go wrong with a curled ‘stache and a raised eyebrow.