A Touch of Abstract pt. 1

While browsing the tribal and blackwork galleries I discovered a pair of images that go outside the normal ideas of what is tribal/blackwork.

For the most part, the style is predominantly known for its use of clean lines made of heavy bands of black ink.  Not saying that the entire genre is made up of that, but for the majority of people, that is what comes to mind when the topic comes up.  In this post, the first of two, we’re taking a look at a tattoo by Magnutze.  Right off the bat, the dotwork design in the middle stands out, as well as the red lines across his torso.  While at first glance they could be mistaken for cutting scars, they’re actually part of the overall tattoo design.

As with all abstract pieces, the reactions tend to be mixed.  To some, the deviation from the norm is refreshing, while others just don’t like the aesthetics of it at all.  So what are your thoughts on this particular piece?

Later today you’ll get a look at another piece that is from a similar artistic vein, although executed differently.

9 thoughts on “A Touch of Abstract pt. 1

  1. Speaking purely from an artistic standpoint, I find something very disconcerting about this design. Perhaps it is the equal amount of marks on both sides of his upper chest, or that all of the red marks are basically the same weight and amount of lines, or that they are almost all the same distance away… I don’t know. I find it heavily weighted in a strange way. Just something about it does not suit my aesthetic. If it were mine, I would have varied the line widths more, maybe used one long and thick line to create the downwards slashing movement that was intended and used the smaller criss cross lines to emphasize and add interest. The bumpiness of the top of the black piece also causes me pause… I maybe would have made that a little larger too, to fit better between his pecs. This is all, of course, my aesthetics, which are very different because I really appreciate minimalist graphic designs. The tattoo looks well done though.

  2. from a different artistic standpoint, if i had created the design myself and would have varied the lines just as sarah described.. however the fact that it isn’t how i would have created it is why i like it :) i dont know if that makes sense but this does feel balanced to me with the hip, etc.. idk

    i just know i am highly critical of my own art and that is the reason i would never get something of my own tattooed on me… whenever id look at it id be critiquing it and thinking about if i had drawn it a different way or whatever. And when i see work similar to mine, i do the same thing. when art is done nothing like mine, i dont feel that way.

    its like i can just appreciate the work.

    just another view, i love this!

  3. I really dig this.

    Part of it is the “cutting” look to it, and being that way inclined myself, it really appeals. :)

    “I don’t know art, but I know what I like” (Quote by someone much cleverer than I)

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