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Well it looks like the beautiful Sarah B. has been busy yet again.  This time, with the help of photographer Ray Del Mar, the two of them have re-imagined a couple of pieces of art into something fresh.

Is that statue in the way?  Don’t worry, keep reading and you can see the original photo, without that pesky statue.

So for the first photo we have Sarah tied up to mimic the Venus de Milo.  As for the painting behind her, I know I’ve seen it before, but I can’t recall exactly.  Hopefully some art savvy readers can fill me in.

Venus de ModBlog

Next we have Sarah interjected into Edward Hopper’s “Room in Brooklyn”.

The combination of her piercings and the bondage, mixed with the classical feel of the paintings brings forth a perspective of both cultures blending together almost seamlessly.

10 thoughts on “The Venus de ModBlog

  1. Man, I was hoping that we were continuing with the amputation theme. I think we need to see more of that stuff.

  2. i freakin’ love her collarbones
    beautifully structured face too. thanks for a bit of bondage. second the more amputation request!

  3. the first painting it’s a De Chirico, but neither I can recall the title of it. ^^
    very nice stuff anyway, as usual :)

  4. huh, is it weird that the main thing I’m noticing is that I’ve noticed before that ancient Roman/Grecian(??) statues have such nicely toned stomachs…?

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