A Touch of Abstract pt.2

Earlier today we got to look at a dotwork & abstract “tribal” piece.  As mentioned before, when most people think of tribal and blackwork tattoos they think of clean lines and heavy bands of black ink.  In this second image from Magnutze, we see what is closer to the traditional tribal/blackwork tattoo, but with subtle abstract differences.

With the design being smaller, does it affect your perception of the style?  While the first one was covering an entire chest, this being limited to the arm compacts the design into a smaller area.  Or does this style just not sit well with you?  To some people the lack of balance is aesthetically pleasing, while to others a lack of balance can almost ruin a piece in their mind.

A Touch of Abstract pt. 1

While browsing the tribal and blackwork galleries I discovered a pair of images that go outside the normal ideas of what is tribal/blackwork.

For the most part, the style is predominantly known for its use of clean lines made of heavy bands of black ink.  Not saying that the entire genre is made up of that, but for the majority of people, that is what comes to mind when the topic comes up.  In this post, the first of two, we’re taking a look at a tattoo by Magnutze.  Right off the bat, the dotwork design in the middle stands out, as well as the red lines across his torso.  While at first glance they could be mistaken for cutting scars, they’re actually part of the overall tattoo design.

As with all abstract pieces, the reactions tend to be mixed.  To some, the deviation from the norm is refreshing, while others just don’t like the aesthetics of it at all.  So what are your thoughts on this particular piece?

Later today you’ll get a look at another piece that is from a similar artistic vein, although executed differently.

“You know, just simple lines intertwining…”

It seems that long time ModBlog favoriteLionel from Out of Step hasn’t been featured in over a year.  It’s time to correct that oversight, and because its Friday, there’s an attractive girl in the photo as well.

Lionel’s works over the years have prompted a bit of discussion due to his unique style.  It seems most people either absolutely love his work, or absolutely hate it.  I personally love the avante garde style that he uses.  How he just throws out tradition and makes the pieces his own.  You can take a look through his image gallery to see some more works by him, just to give you an idea of just how creative he is.

p.s. 10 points if you can name the quote without using google

Around the world

The urge to travel.  Some of us have it, some don’t.  Those that do can have it more than others.  To those that do, sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

Read that again, only this time replace “travel” with “be modified”.  Of course it could be applied to a great many things, which is what happens when you talk in generalities.  But lets get back to the travel bug.  I’ll admit I enjoy getting away, be it a road trip, camping, or hopping on a plane.  No matter the destination, there’s this thrill involved in putting your life into a suitcase and leaving everything else behind.

Personally, I like to keep track of the places I’ve been.  Be it little mementos, photographs, or just dots on a map.  Whether the experience is good or bad, to me just being able to have the journey is enough to satisfy me.  So when I see a tattoo like this one, I can’t help but think to myself, where have I been, and where would I like to go.


Obviously this is still a fresh piece, and I don’t know if it is completed or not, but just looking at it makes me want to hop on a plane.  I traveled around the US this summer camping in a lot of national parks, so I think my next trip will either be spent visiting friends, or grabbing the first flight overseas and seeing where my travels take me.  Of course if I ever meet the anonymous submitter of this tattoo, I may ask if I can use a sharpie to mark off all the places I’ve been.

It’s interesting to think of the ritual of travel, and how it varies for each person.  Like I mentioned I try to keep some form of memento of the places I’ve been.  For others, just the experience is all they need.  To some, packing as much as possible is the only way to go, others pack as little as possible to allow for some freedom while going across a country.  Then there’s the technology question.  Which in this day and age is becoming more and more significant a question.  When you travel do you bring your electronic gadgets?  Obviously those travelling for work would, but what about the rest of the people?  Do you “need” your iPhone if you’re hiking through the rainforest? Is your laptop vital when you’re walking the streets of Prague?  These are all questions travelers are faced with now.  20-30 years ago, these weren’t even options available to those going on a journey.  Have things changed so much that we can’t live without them, or is it still possible to just disappear off the grid for a while and enjoy where life takes you?

Is there a special place you’ve been to recently?  Maybe one you’ve always wanted to go to?  Can you point it out on the map that’s tattooed on the person above?