Smile with your eyes

So if you’ve ever sat through an episode of America’s Next Top Model, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “Smile with your eyes”.  According to Tyra, it’s a difficult thing for a model to master, and it is an invaluable tool for their careers.  Of course sometimes you don’t have to work to master it at all.  Take a look at Shanna here, she’s just naturally pretty, and her eyes are sparkling with a smile.  The fact that she has a lot of well done piercings and several tattoos doesn’t hurt either.

Her piercings and neck tattoos were done by Jeff from Heebee Jeebees, and her chest piece was done by Emily from To The Grave, both located in Colorado Springs.

9 thoughts on “Smile with your eyes

  1. But she’s still not actually using the muscles around her eyes–not that it really matters when you aren’t shooting for the cover of a magazine that caters to anorexic women.

    Wonderful tattoo and piercing work. Those cheeks show dedication.

  2. I don’t think she’s smeezing “smiling with her eyes” it’s just the photo angle her eyes look wide open to me, smeezing is a lucious seductive squint, while her eyes do say “hi! I’m happy to see you” I think she would be a natural “smeezing” individual.

    But she us drop dead gorgeous and would be an excellent model, piercings and tattoos included!

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