Things are looking up

Continuing with today’s marathon of BMEGirls, we have an anonymous uploader who has a passion for body modification.  Now in her comments she mentions that she “doesn’t have the most impressive piercings”, to that I say “so what”.  While ModBlog does tend to favor posting images of some of the more drastic modifications, that doesn’t mean the entire community is heavily modified.  It’s been discussed before about what constitutes body modification, especially in cases where journalists make wild claims about how everyone who is modified has something wrong.  The fact is, even the act of cutting ones hair is a way to modify themselves.  What matters most is how the person feels about themselves, and if choosing to modify their body through piercings, tattoos, scars, etc is what they choose to do, then we as a community embrace them, regardless of the level of modification they have.

When it comes down to it, we have a beautiful BMEGirl, sending in a beautiful picture to the piercing galleries.

9 thoughts on “Things are looking up

  1. Regarding the scalp, it’s more likely dye than tats. All the big cats have their coloration in their skin rather than in their hair. So, if she were (like I will be in a month or so) going to have her scalp tattooed with a cat pattern and then lighten her hair color, she would be just like a big cat.

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