Taking flight

Michael from Kipod Tattoo is back again, this time with an exquisite back piece.  I want to say this is a bird of paradise based off the trailing green feathers, but the body isn’t positioned the way they normally are and there is no crest on the head.  Although thinking of what kind of bird this is takes second place to just how incredible this looks.

I love how it isn’t intended to be centered in her back, giving the bird a better sense of motion.  Michael’s also nailed the blending on the feathers without using any outline, a nice technique that gives the tattoo a sense of being painted on.  You almost get a sense that at any moment the bird will come to life and fly off.

If you do get a chance, head on over to the Kipod portfolio gallery.  Michael and the rest of the staff there are consistently putting out high quality work, and thankfully they’re willing to share with us.

9 thoughts on “Taking flight

  1. i think its perfectly designed and positioned. I have symmetrical black work but still really enjoy seeing bright pieces with movement

  2. the colors in this piece are amazing, and the green on the face and down underneath just offsets the entire piece to give it that litle extra kick… its amazing what proper tattoo artists can accomplish these days

  3. Brilliant colors in this piece. It actually looks like the bird wants to fly right off her back.

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