24 thoughts on “Behold the lotus

  1. Nice pic …. I’m curious about the 42 … any reference to the Hitch hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

  2. very nice!
    i have a big black 5 point star tattooed around each of mine.
    its neat seeing other chicks who also decided to decorate theirs :)

  3. Very nice!!!
    I have a solid black 5 point star tattooed around each of mine.
    Its really nice to see other women who also decided to decorate their girls :)

  4. She’s gorgeous & so are her tattoos! I can’t even express in words how beautiful her breast tattoos truly are. A+++ 100000+ percent

  5. Those are exquisite. The fine lines aren’t too harsh or distracting… very beautiful.

  6. awesome…i love how they are tiny lotus flowers…wish there was a closeup, or more telling what the tats say on the outer edge, or is it just decoration…i also love smaller breast, and hers are the perfect size!

  7. Now all she needs are a pair of star shaped nipple shields, and of course the piercings in which to install them. ; )

  8. actually I think the hitch hikers reference might fit really well….as the lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism and of life etc…could work…might be why..

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