Betsy Braddock pales in comparison

Now I don’t know if this Psylocke can create psionic daggers like her comic book namesake, but she can easily knock you out with her looks.

Of course to get a better idea of just how gorgeous she is, you’ll have to keep reading…

I’m completely in love with the “sewn on” leg tattoos she has.  And the leopard print by Chris Rohaley is pretty awesome as well.

Compared to the British comic book mutant, this Swedish beauty is definitely the better Psylocke in my books.

8 thoughts on “Betsy Braddock pales in comparison

  1. i so thought that said ‘can easily knock you out with her boobs’ lol
    sooo glad i clicked through to see more. knocked me out with that bum, that leather open bustier, and those AMAZING stiched up thigh tattoo! love how theyre a little bit weepy. gorgeous!

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