Silhouette at dusk

As the sun sets in the Brazilian sky, Joao_Caldara looks out on the world.  For us at home/work, we get to admire not only the setting sun that he sees, but also see it from a different perspective, which is through his lobes.

Of course some of you may be wondering what Joao looks like in the light.  Thankfully he sent in another photo for your viewing pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Silhouette at dusk

  1. I saw him in the gallery and I said to myself, “that man is going to make it into BME boys,”
    and sure enough…

    here he is :)

  2. Oh MY. Not only is the first picture fantastic (I love the idea of looking through someone’s lobes at something like a sunset) but, not to be shallow, he’s also wicked wicked handsome. Thanks Rob!

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