She’s Heartless

Ok, so she may not be heartless, but she is missing some skin in the shape of a heart.  Normally when we see scarification and tattoos combined it’s a scar design over top of blackwork, or a cutting used to enhance a tattoo (or vice versa).   In this case we’ve got a scar that cuts right through her vast assortment of chest tattoos.  It gives a nice contrast to them as it shows that underneath her skin, which is covered in spider webs and zombie legs, she has a heart that is strong enough to push through her exterior.  So no matter what someone may judge about how she looks from the outside, what matters most is what is inside.  Then again we’re here to admire her, which shouldn’t be a problem considering how pretty she is.

You can check out more of Anders’ work in his scarification portfolio.

17 thoughts on “She’s Heartless

  1. wonder how it looks when healed.
    i have a heart cutting, too. but not on tattoed skin. love it!

  2. > Boxexty.
    Hehe those tentacles are wall mounted, as frame to a mirror @ Flesh Impressions.
    Great combo this pretty lady has!

  3. I absolutely love it.. Anders achieved perfectly what I had in my head!!
    I feel so much more complete now <3

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