Still Beautiful

You may have noticed that this day has been chock full of BMEBoys and Girls, and with good reason.  They’ve all submitted pics in the past week.  For the most part, the pictures that are posted on ModBlog come directly from the BME Galleries, which means it’s up to you, the readers, to send in the photos that you want to see.  Uploading photos to BME is really easy too.  Just log in to your BME account, go to your profile page, click on “Media“, and then click on Add New: Photos on the right side of the screen.  From there you just upload your photos.  Of course you can also upload videos and stories as well.  And that’s it.  Once the photos go through the queue they’re up on BME for everyone to see, and from there can be posted on ModBlog.  You don’t even need a paid subscription to send in photos, just sign up for a free account to be able to send them in.

Now, all that said, I’d like you to meet StillyoungStillbrainless. She sent in this photo of herself, taken by Shelby Hale.  With all the attractive people posted today, you can easily see why I saved her for last: she’s a beautiful girl, in a beautiful photo.

What a great way to end an already great day.

7 thoughts on “Still Beautiful

  1. Once you’ve uploaded your photos they’re only uploaded to your profile. You need to actually submit them to BME if you want them to appear on the site.

    I’ve created a FAQ for BME and included information about uploading photos and submitting them to BME.

    It’s not hard at all but I have gotten some emails recently from people who didn’t realize that they had to actually click the “submit to BME” box in order for their photos to appear on the site. Uploading them to your profile is not the final step! The process is the same for photos, videos and stories and the rules regarding what we accept have not changed at all.

    Please view the FAQ and if you have any questions email me, [email protected]

  2. And just as they always did, photos, stories and video submissions give you a free BME membership. Signing up for a profile is free and you can get free access to the galleries through contributions same as always or you can choose to purchase a membership.

    See the FAQ for more info:

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