The Guess What Game (Round 2)

Another week, another Tuesday, and another edition of the Guess What Game!  If you remember last week, there was a lot of blood.  While some people enjoyed the idea of a themed week, the cropped images were admittedly a failure.  So for this week we’re going back to basics.  Three pictures, all clearly of some kind of modification, and no pictures that only show something completely unrelated to the mod.  To make things interesting I can tell you that at least one of this week’s photos isn’t genital related.

For those new to the game, the rules are simple.  Throughout the day, you’ll be faced with three cropped images.  Your job is to figure out what body part/modification is being shown.  To make things a little easier, a clue will be given as to what is in the picture.  At the end of the day, the results will be revealed for all three pictures, and the winners will get bragging rights for the week.  Now, on to the game!

Round two’s image is of a very fresh microdermal.  What I can tell you about the image is that while it appears that the piercing is off-center, it actually is placed well, it is the photo that is on an angle.

Guess What

Think you know what it is?  Place your guesses in the comments below, then come back later in the day to see if you guessed correctly.

If you’re joining the game late, be sure to go back and check out round one.

19 thoughts on “The Guess What Game (Round 2)

  1. It seems to be a dermal anchor on a foot, but that seems like a very bad idea so I’ll go with it on the hand.

  2. i’d say its a hand microdermal, though part of me wants to say cleavage the texture of the skin around the piercing is putting me off, looks more like the back of a hand, kinda near the knuckle.

  3. i thought it was on the pubic mound at first, but i think it’s between the thumb and first finger.

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