Abstraction in progress

It’s no secret how much I absolutely adore the work of Joey Pang from Tattoo Temple in Hong Kong.  However, Joey isn’t the only artist working at the temple, and it’s high time we took a look at what Jodic Chan has been up to.

This abstract piece is still a work in progress, but you can definitely see where the piece is headed.  While abstract isn’t for everyone, you can still appreciate Jodic’s work from a technical point of view.  Her blending of different art forms into a unified piece is remarkable.  Hopefully we get to see this again when it is fully complete.

5 thoughts on “Abstraction in progress

  1. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow WOW.

    Abstract tattoos are my favourite, the only sort I will have on my body, and that right there is one of the best tattoos I have ever seen in my life. EVER.

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