Three week reversal

The tongue is an incredible part of the human anatomy.  Considering the fact that when it is split down the middle it not only remains perfectly functional, but each half can be moved independently of the other.  Of course to some people who have their tongue split, there may come a day when they wish to have it reversed.  This is where Brian comes in.  You see, not only does Brian excel at scarification and every other mod he can think of, he’s also able to expertly reverse the process of a tongue split.

Take a look at this recent reversal.


Now take a look at the tongue only three weeks later..

From here it looks like the tongue never was split to begin with.  An impressive feat by both Brian, and the almighty tongue.

27 thoughts on “Three week reversal

  1. Based on other tongue split reversal photos I’ve seen from licensed surgeons this looks immaculate. I wonder how much or little this affected his taste buds.

  2. awesome work but i cant imagine having my tongue stuck together again.. just seems weird now.

  3. insane, i’ve seen reversals from plastic surgeons but none of them have healed this well.

  4. Swap tongues mister? Mine heals back naturally together within a few months if I don’t have it re-cut … props to such clean work though.

  5. Looks amazing, very impressive. Although I’m sure the process would suck a thousand times more balls than getting the split in the first place…

  6. The thing I always wondered about tongue splitting, and I guess it’s true of reversing the process as well, is how the person eats during the healing process. I’d imagine your tongue would heal a lot quicker than other parts of the body and that it might not be much more of an inconvenience than for someone recovering from some kind of dental surgery but it still seems like even something like soup would be excruciating.

  7. This is probably silly considering the procedure must have been a lot worse, but I can’t get over how uncomfortable those sutures must be in his mouth..

  8. This is probably silly considering the procedure must have been a lot worse, but I can’t get over how uncomfortable those sutures must be in his mouth..

  9. “it looks like the tongue never was split to begin with”

    __Are you fucking joking?__

    It looks to be healing very well, but come on.

  10. Would it be possible to get some additional info about the procedure and how it was done, how difficult the procedure is to perform correctly? I have a poorly done DIY split and I might look into getting a reversal…

  11. @matt

    If I had to guess: ice cream, pudding, jello, cottage cheese, cooled down oatmeal… those types of things.

    I never had this procedure done, but I had surgery on the roof of my mouth, and that’s pretty much what I ate.

  12. @hulld

    Based on the picture that’s showing the 3 weeks progress, I never would have known that tongue was split in the past. Tongues can look so much different from each other naturally, and this reversal is incredible. I do have to say, though, it’s one of the most depressing things I’ve seen on here in a long while. I can’t imagine living without my split now. I can’t even remember what it was like to have a single tongue.

  13. wow!!!! This is one of the most impressive things i’ve seen on modblog yet! Brain’s got some freakin skills!

  14. @Eric
    Well, we will just have to disagree on that.
    Decker is great, and it is impressive. Personally, I think it is fairly evident in that picture (only three weeks later, mind you) that it is either a healed split or somebody was messing with fishing line.

    “it looks like the tongue never was split to begin with” comes across to me as a some flagrant hyperbole that just distracts from how good this really is. I felt the need to point it out.

  15. For only three weeks’ progress, that looks AWESOME.

    I’d love to see it three months and six months post-reversal. And/or pictures of it looked like when split?

    /lacks IAM account 🙁

  16. @hulld

    actually you’d be surprised how many people have a natural looking split line in their tongue….hell a friend of mine who would never dream of getting his tongue split actually has a half inch line on his tongue that looks just like the healing work there..

    I would say to us who visit BME or anyone in the body mod world, we could probably guess that it was a reversed split *at this stage* but to anyone outside…hell they wouldnt know to be fair.

  17. This is really interesting; I had always wondered about the possibility of someone reversing a tongue split but I’ve never seen it done. Looks good!

  18. Having my tongue split for nearly 10 years ( and split further 4 years ago) I can’t even imagine reversing it..
    It is the one mod that unless I show you, you have no idea it’s done…and I love it that way.

    I would remove all of my tattoos way before I would ever reverse my tongue or my lobes.

    It looks great as all of Brains work does.
    but to each their own.. I suppose.

  19. Brians an incredibly talented artist, always looked up to his work, and this is what physicians should look at when they suggest that some of us arent capable of doing these procedures. glad to see people pushing the professional envelope in this industry.
    nicely healed as well, so props to the artist and client.

  20. Hey i just got my split reversed! really wanting to see these posts but for some reason theres a blue question mark icon. any one happen to have these pics ? and willing to share em or email or whatever

    [email protected]

  21. @ caroline, who did yours, and how did it go? i’ve been considering getting mine reversed, because its been a week or so and im still lisping and im too afraid the lisp will never go away to give it time to drag me down. wondering if this was a reason for anyone elses reversal, and if it fixed the issue?

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