Domo Sayagata, Mr. Willie

This sayagata patterned cutting was done by Sweden’s own Willie.  The recipient is actually Willie’s apprentice, and I have to say that is one lucky apprentice.  At the time this photo was taken the scar is 4 days old, which is a nice time to take a picture as the scar is still fresh, but the bleeding has stopped and any swelling has died down.

Given the level of detail required for a design like this, I’d day Willie pulled it off really well.

6 thoughts on “Domo Sayagata, Mr. Willie

  1. *jizz*
    that is some beautiful work, must have been a hell of a sitting. well done to both the artist and human canvas…
    45 minutes of scalpel and flesh removal was intense to say the least, cant imagine this one…but the area was sensitive/difficult to say the least… pubic bone area is hard work to scar…
    pics soon :D

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