The Refined Gentleman

He is a man of impeccable tastes.  Always knowledgeable of the finer things in life.  And you can always spot him in the crowd as the classiest looking, probably sporting a dignified mustache .  To give an example of such refinement, The Wong Fukin Person has sent in this photo.

To see the non-blurred version of this dapper looking young man, you know what to do.

You probably recognize the hafada jewelry from the last time we saw Wong.  It’s just a shame he didn’t send this in last month because I probably would have used this photo for a Movember Monday.

21 thoughts on “The Refined Gentleman

  1. that “blurred” version is blurred enough – it’s still quite clear exactly what’s being looked at.

    enough people complained about putting shit like that up. can you please start listening?

  2. Why on earth complain? Its clearly acceptable on a website such as this where modifications of anyplace are welcomed.

  3. dont like it dont look, on a mod related note i thought it was a dydoe stash for some reason

  4. @Amelia: While it is clearly acceptable, we do have a lot of readers that browse ModBlog from work so we make a point to have anything explicit hidden behind a click-through as a courtesy. We add the blurring/censoring so that those wanting to see it will know ahead of time what it is they’re going to be looking at. It’s something we’ve been doing for years now, and will be something we continue to do as there is a large number of readers who appreciate it.

    @K: Sorry about that, when I blurred it the image was a lot larger on my screen so it wasn’t as noticeable, but when zoomed out I can see how it clearly wasn’t.

  5. I don’t look at Modblog in situations where those around me might find it uncomfortable or be offended. If that means that I must wait until I have some privacy to view some mods, then so be it. k, perhaps you could find it in yourself to exercise the same restraint. Or, if you object to seeing modified man- and lady-parts, then this just might not be the spot on the intertubes for you. There is a long history of such content on this site and most seem to enjoy it.

    As for the picture in question, that is quite the fancy looking cock and balls. I particularly like the mustache. Great touch!

  6. Its plenty censored. If you’re that sensitive go google body mods. Seriously. If the blurr job was so shoddy why did you bother to click through if you already knew what it was.

    Anyways, this is pretty funny XD

  7. Protip: If you’re looking at modblog at work, it’s your own damned fault. Especially if you say this is a recurring problem–how have you not learned better? Seriously? How hard is it to figure out “HurrrrrrrrDurrrrrr penis on computer screen. Maybe if I leave a bitchy comment and check tomorrow there won’t be any penises” doesn’t always yield the results you’re looking for.

  8. Rob you have nothing to apologize for. That photo is fine. You’ve covered the penis. It doesn’t matter if we all still know what’s behind there, the point is, it’s covered.

    You don’t owe anyone an apology. This is ModBlog. If people are viewing it at work, they’re doing so at their own risk. You did what you were supposed to do, covering the penis and putting it uncensored behind a click-through. This isn’t anything that hasn’t been done on here since the inception of ModBlog.

    Also, the photo is pretty amusing.

  9. can someone just clarify for me…the glasses….the arms of them are going *Under* the penis right?…its just with the eye kinda jammed into it on one side the arms almost look like they are going straight through the shaft lol

    funny none the less…just what I need for a friday morning when its freezing cold :P

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