An excellent use of tools

The last time we saw Lucass he was demonstrating the single greatest idea to prevent you from losing your keys.  By popular demand he’s sent in a new photo of his transscrotal tube sans accoutrement.  Instead he’s opted for a simple and elegant tube to show off his impressive stretching.

Of course to see this tool free, you’ll have to keep on reading.

Now I’m sure Lucass can fill you in on exactly what tools were required to get this job done.

8 thoughts on “An excellent use of tools

  1. That’s me again!!!! I had to downsize about a week after this pic though, ran into an issue. Will be back up to that size again soon.

  2. Jezooooos Lucas..Didn’t you get your TS done like 2 days after I got my ear done?And you are already at 1.5 crazy kid lol

  3. i wonder if anyones stretched a transscrotal big enough (i’m sure they have) to put their dick through it, and then went and got all aroused to the point they’re balls are getting pulled up/forward… (i’m sure they have! haha)

  4. ha, yeah Ryan I did. It stretches so easily. I was amazed.

    @metaverse I can put my dick through my balls.

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