It may not be happy hour in your neck of the woods just yet, but when you’re Hello Kitty, every hour is happy hour!

HelloStephanie sent in this photo of Hello Kitty getting her drink on.  She gets bonus points for having her toenails match the tattoo.

9 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. So cute! <3
    It won’t last long; foot placement and it’s mainly white, but it’s still very nicely done! Touchups are gonna be fuuun, lol

  2. i dont get adult women’s obsession with hello kitty. I personally think its overdone and stupid…now dont get me wrong, well executed tattoo, but i just dont like Hello Kitty. Lets leave it for the little girls, women.

  3. maybe these fun facts can help you to better understand the roll of Hello Kitty, Sanrio, and Kawaii in popular culture worldwide:

    Hello Kitty is the official Japanese Ambassador of Tourism in China and Hong Kong.

    In 1999, in Hong Kong, a brutal murder known as the Hello Kitty murder took place. The popular name of the case derives from the fact that the murderer inserted his victim’s head into a Hello Kitty doll after decapitating her.

  4. Hmm i did not know adults shouldn’t like cartoons. It’s been 4 years and the tattoo is actually holding up pretty well for being on my foot although the white has faded out but i expected that.

  5. Honestly, for being a site dedicated to body modification, I would expect to see something more interesting and unique than a tattoo you would find on someone in highschool. But that’s just me.

  6. *love* this tattoo. If theres anything better than Hello Kitty, it’s Hello Kitty participating in adult activities.

  7. One would think that someone who is a member of such a site would have a more open mind and be a little more accepting and supportive of what DIFFERENT people like, instead of being so judgemental. But thanks for all the positive feedback !

  8. Wow if you are going to get defensive every time someone doesnt like what you have tattooed, then dont post your photos here. i PERSONALLY dont like hello kitty and think that its overdone and unoriginal. but its your body, and you can get whatever you’d like. Im sure some of my mods are not exactly worldly loved.

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