Ear pointing redux

To some, getting their ears pointed is one of the last steps they can take with their upper ear.  Well Zephyr*Elf here has shown us that not only was she not finished with her ear pointing, she also intended to get them pointed a second time.  Back in July she had the opportunity to meet up with Efix Roy and have her ears pointed for the second time.  The initial pointing was done by Lukas Zpira, who did a fantastic job, but for the look Zephyr was going for a second pointing was necessary, as you can see by just how pointed the end result is.  In addition to the second pointing, he also scalpeled her lobes, with her 20mm lobe going to 1 inch, and her reconstructed lobe being reopened to 10mm.  So, now that a few months have passed, you can see just how well everything healed up.

If you want to see photos of the ears just after the procedure, you can find them on her IAM page.

8 thoughts on “Ear pointing redux

  1. the ear points look soooo much better this time around, theyre much thinner and longer :D… but my fave’s are still the left arm and back of neck tattoo’s

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