The Friday Follow-up

This Friday we’ve got a special edition of the follow-up.  JesseV from Thrive Studios in Cambridge, On was gracious enough to send in a pair of healed scars.

First up we have a scar from two years ago.  The detail in this photo isn’t great, but it should give you the rough idea of the scar before you see the finished product.

Fresh - 2 years ago

Next we have a scar that was done about one year ago.  What you’re seeing is the end result of a 6 hour cutting session.

Fresh - 1 year ago

To see what both these scars look like today, you know what to do.

Two years later, that flower now looks like this.

Healed - 2 years later

As for that marathon 6 hour session, here’s what came of it, one year later.

Healed - 1 year later

You can see more work by JesseV in his BME portfolio gallery.

9 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. i respect the different forms of body modification, but i personally have always said i’d never get a scarification piece myself… not to say i don’t like scarification, because yes, i’ve seen some amazing pieces of art in the form of scarification, and i’ve seen simple much less artistic stuff that i’ve really appreciated to from simple dots to stripes to whatever… i’ve always never wanted to do anything scarification wise because of the way they heal, or the lack of knowing how its going to heal really… everyones skins diffferent and the same cutting on someone else could turn out entirely different… thats kind of my personal dillema with scarification, and so sometimes i see pics of fresh cuttings on modblog without healed pictures i always end up wondering how they’ll turn out… i’ve taken running this sentence on a marathon now, so i’m going to finish this comment off with what i intended to say about this post after my peruse through it…

    i really think the flower piece on that girls side turned out really well as a finished product… it definately looks better healed than it did in the fresh picture too, which i find in my critic-like observation of alot of scarification pieces especially the more detailed designs that this is really not often the case, but vice versa, which i think is a shame… i also think that the flower piece was thought through pretty well probably and that the simple design made for a great eye-catching piece that surely strikes alot of interest from random strangers at the pool or beach or anywhere else it would be seen… the idea she will one day be an old granny makes me really wonder what it will look like then too, haha… but i’ll never find that out.

    as for the hour-glass piece, i think that that’s a cool design, and i’m reminded of the lyric “i’m an empty hour-glass in the sand.” from the song “mace spray” by the band “the jezebels” from sydney australia… good song.

  2. Wow don’t general care for scars I am more of a tattoo kinda guy.. nothing against them just not my thing but that flower looks total amazing!

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