Well, the week is almost over, which means its time to start thinking of weekend plans.  By the looks of it HelloStephanie, owner of yesterday’s Hello Kitty tattoo, is gearing up for a wild weekend with her cowboy hat, beer and rum.

The roses on her lower abdomen are by Chris Churchfield from Artform Tattoo in Lower Burell, Pennsylvania.

So, now that we know what she’s up to, what about you?  Is this weekend set aside for holiday shopping, maybe doing chores at home, or is it time to cut loose and have some well deserved fun?

5 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. @Big snoop mod: Check out the galleries. She’s got a couple of photos there, including a close-up of her roses.

  2. Such a cute a spunky photo! Although i didnt care for hers (or anyones) hello kitty tattoo i do love the roses.

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