Stairway to Heaven

I don’t know how she does it, but every new picture that Madison sends in makes her that much hotter.  Granted it could be that this week the reason is that it is the first time I’ve had to hide the full image behind a clickthrough.  What I don’t understand is why you’re still reading this when you should just go and hit the read more button this instant!

For those keeping track, her newest addition is the script on her chest.  The nipple piercings may be new as well, but that’s only because we haven’t seen them before.

The script itself spells out “Loose lips, sink ships” and was done by Derek Hill from Oceanic Art in Dartmouth, NS.  The rest of her art was done by Scott Forbes, also from Oceanic art.

6 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven

  1. LOVE her stockings. the geometric design, paired with the contorted body position, is awesome. I’m especially loving the parallel between her upthrust chin and her awkward left leg. doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous too :P

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