Baby’s almost first x-mas

Mom-to-be Rebecca has a lot to be happy about this holiday season.  She’s about a month away from becoming a mother to what is sure to be a good looking baby.  How do I know it’s going to be a good looking baby you ask?  Well look at these genetics.

To see a photo of the whole family together, keep reading…

Now if you don’t know who Rebecca is, she’s an IAM member who’s been featured on ModBlog, not once, but twice!

You can check out more pictures of her on her page, as well as in the large gauge lip piercings gallery.

12 thoughts on “Baby’s almost first x-mas

  1. Shane is my best friend ever! EVER. I’m so excited for this baby to come, even though I haven’t personally met Rebecca. It’s going to be cute as hell.

  2. I’m very happy for this couple and their child-to-be!
    I’ve been trolling the galleries since I was 13 and have always loved the pictures of Rebecca! Since I’m a minor, and have no modifications I haven’t been able to tell her that she is my idol, but now I have a chance!

    Congratulations to Rebecca and her boyfriend/husband and their precious child!

    *no creepiness was intended by this post.

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