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If you recall, back in July some members of our community were involved in a car accident.  Now while most of them have recovered, Arwen “Spliff” Rosa is still in the ICU.

While he has made progress, he’s not out of the woods yet and is still in need of constant care.  Spliff and his wife Jill are from NYC and have been in Texas since the accident.  While the support has been incredible, Jill is 7 months pregnant with their child and when the baby is born it will become incredibly difficult to care for both Spliff and the baby.  Back in NYC the two have a large support network of family and friends, and are now looking to get Arwen transferred to a facility in NYC.

They have been accepted into an excellent facility and are now on the wait list.  When the call comes, they will have 4 days to move Arwen from Texas to NYC or they will lose their spot.  Due to his condition, Spliff will require a medical air transport, which isn’t cheap.

From Jill:  “The goal we need to work with right now is getting him/us back home to New York. Arwen has been accepted to a facility there. We are waiting for a bed to open up for him. Once we get that call we’ve got about 4 days to make it there before they pass it on to who’s next on the list. We were going to use long distance ground transport, but due to his health and the weather headed back east it seems to be a dangerous idea. We need to fly him home.”

Arwen is not getting the care he needs out here and there’s only a couple people who can physically help us. In New York we’ve got family, support system, lots of resources, everything we need. Not to mention our Baby girl is due in about 8 weeks! I have been trying to look into medical foundations and charities so far with no luck. Please help if you can.

Suspension.org has set up a donation page and are looking for help.  If you have anything that you can give, head on over to the donation page and give what you can.

28 thoughts on “A helping hand

  1. Thank you for posting this Rob. I was following behind them when it happened, and it was horrific to watch. Spliff and Jill are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and they never deserved any of this. Let’s get them home!!!

  2. They had a tire blow out and a car accident. It could happen to anyone. Don’t be such a dick oppositronic.

  3. Just reposted to Facebook. I would hope that if anything happened to me or my loved ones, peopel would help out.

  4. Yeah but I bet you didn’t know you comment was going to get you slapped in the mouth. Let any of us find out who you are. And if you got problems my full name is right here and I’m not hard to track down!

  5. Hey Oppositronic, was your mom aware of the risks of hiv before she gave head to her dealer for a crack rock? I hope the next wreck happens to you. :)

  6. These are two of the most awesome people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Jill and Spliff are some of the most genuinely caring people I’ve ever met. Everyone mutual friend I’ve ever met has nothing but positive things to say about them. They in no way deserved any of this, and any support you can send will be appreciated to no end.

    @oppositronic: I’m sorry you have such a negative outlook on everything, I’ve never seen you respond to anything on here with a positive comment. That being said, if you ever find yourself in a position where you need a support system I hope you can find one, but negativity breed negativity. Karma is a bitch bro.

  7. Shit, Oppositronic. When something devastating like that happens to you or someone you love, we’ll remember that and say the same thing to you.. See how well it translates.. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  8. yo on the real bro what are you ?who are you?and what you dont have a heart? that man had done more for the suspensions comunity then you know.instead of keeping bad karma in your head and on you tounge try my dick its a much better fit. thats my brother and sis you see in that pic homie so have a fucking heart asshole!!!

  9. I donated what I could, but I was also wondering if there was a donation page to set oppositronic on fire, or if I should start one.

  10. Fuck if I could afford it, I would gladly double any funds raised for the set Oppositronic on fire fund back to the Spliff fund! What a fucking asshole! My regards to Spliff and his family and friends! Stay strong and keep on fighting!

  11. @oppositronic next time you think about typing anything….do us all a favour and DON’T.

    have reposted this article link to my twitter and facebook.

  12. omg his poor arms look destroyed! I pray for you both to get back to your home, I just know that once in a place you know with the people you love all things will start to get better. Good luck on your mission, and thank goodness the baby is ok…

    I’ll be keeping you both in my thoughts and heart and hope that the new year treats you both well.

  13. All of us who know Jill and Spliff personaly consider them family, so by you posting a stupid comment like that was a slap in the face. I’m not gonna go down to your level, and do some negative comment that wont solve anything. Just feel lucky we don’t who you are bro…. Jill and Spliff. Love you and miss you guys!!!

  14. wait so what happened to Spliff and his wife? they were in a car accident? What exactly happened? did something happen to his hands or is it just the picture? Blessings for a speedy recovery to all involved.

  15. i dunno it just seems like raising money for people who have hurt themselves is like 25% of Robblog these days. sorry you got hurt bro, just try to take it as a blessing. life ain’t peaches and cream yadig?

  16. Im sure they did the whole pros and cons thing, but damn…I’m not sure that I would move back home if it was going to cost $20,000. With that said, do those of you donating not wonder if your money would be better suited to something like starting a college fund for their kid?

    I understand that family and support systems are important, but you are essentially spending $20,000 to get him home a couple months before (hopefully) he will be well enough to take ground transport…

    I wish you nothing but the best of luck and I hope the intensity of this situation doesn’t stop you from looking a little bit further down the road of life.

  17. Loled loudly at “robblog”

    And damn you for making me lol in a post about a tragically injured person. I do hope he recovers and my lolling has nothing to do with him.

  18. @ Quality, once they get the call that a bed has opened up for Arwen, he has 4 to 5 days to get to the facility or they will give his bed to someone else. At that point, there is no telling if or when he will be able to get into the facility. So time is a pressing matter, or else Arwen, Jill, and their newborn baby will be stuck in Lubbock, TX without the huge support system that’s waiting to help take care of Arwen and help Jill take care of little Odessa in New York. At this point, it’s becoming detrimental to Jill and the baby to remain in TX. So yes, they need to get back to NY as soon as possible.

  19. donated what i could, i don’t know them personally but best wishes from oz, wouldn’t wish that on anyone man x

  20. “oppositronic- get raped.”

    Really? Wow, what a great fucking statement, regardless of anything he said.

  21. @ Oppositronic, you wait and see. Karma is a real bitch when it comes to people like you ;)

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