“Happy New Year Mom!”

After the craziness that was the BME NYE bonfire, the next morning was a little more subdued, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun.  You’ll be able to see photos of the festivities in the BME BBQ and events gallery as they’re submitted, but for today, lets look at the first suspension of the new year, Britt’s suicide suspension, where she got a call from her mom while up in the air.

Keep on reading to see more of Britt’s suspension, as well as some of the other NYE revelers.

Before anyone could suspend the tree needed to be trimmed, so who better than Mandic to grab some rusted tools to tear down the branches.

Once the tree was trimmed, it was time to get Britt in the air.  The suspension was put together by Cere, ChrisB, and TrickyDick, who you can see below pulling Britt up into the air.

Finally here are a couple more shots of Britt up in the air.  You can see Velo, Rome, Cere, McShady, and some guy with a beard looking on.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for pictures from the event.  Keep an eye out for an emotionally powerful lotus suspension, as well as more videos from the rest of the day.

4 thoughts on ““Happy New Year Mom!”

  1. Photos by me…

    There were better ones than these in the bunch so feel free to have a look in the gallery. I uploaded well over 100 photos.

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