Pug Life

Sure they snort, can have funny eyes, and sometimes do really dumb things, but we love our BMEGirls anyway.  But who cares about a BMEGirl when there’s a pug in the picture!  This little fella is loved by Miss Karina Pires, one of the many beautiful Brazilian IAM members.

You can check out a few more photos of Karina in the miscellaneous tattoo gallery.

12 thoughts on “Pug Life

  1. Tattoos look amazing, but when will people learn how to stretch their ears properly? They look red and thin as fuck! Getting as big as you can with the nastiest ears isn’t the goal people.

  2. @portlandia- did you miss the gorgeous pug? who cares if the ears are a bit red. pugs outweigh everything. i love pugs. especially ours.

  3. Her ear does look a little bit reddish in color but it looks to be the same exact color as the rest of that ear in the picture, though it might be a little bit red. Her other ear in the miscellaneous tattoo gallery link looks fleshy and fine. An ear being a little bit thin and occasionally looking a little red does not mean you definitely stretched bad or too quickly. So it by no means means she stretched as quickly as possible and her ears are smooth looking and not obviously unhealthy to me so not even close to “nastiest ears.”

  4. Oh! Rob always here with my favorite photos! Thanks again! Well as the first comment, dear … I know but extending ears correctly, I use both lobes extended for five years! Besides working with piercing and minor surgery for 4 years and it is not pretty to say something that is not watching! Realizes the shadow of my hair on my face as the sun is on the opposite side? Without more, check out other photos as well as Rob said other galleries! Again, Rob pleasant surprise! Thank you! Kisses!

  5. @Rob: Whenever I post there’s a link to my page, so people know when it is me responding. If someone were pretending to be me, we’d know about it and clarify right away.

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