He’s Home

Earlier this week we got news that Arwen “Spliff” Rosa, one of the four members of the community that was injured in a car wreck back in July was in need of help.  Well with the help of ModBlog readers Arwen is on his way back home from Texas today.

A big thank you to everyone who was able to donate to bringing him home to his family.  As jaded as we can be sometimes, it is good to see that when someone is in need, the community can come together to help them out.

19 thoughts on “He’s Home

  1. YAY!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM… Now he can relax and recover back at home with his family and friends

  2. The story of Arwen really touched me, more than anything I have seen in a long time, and it really brings a smile to my face knowing that everything worked out for the family and he is flying home to the people who I guess have been waiting for this day to come for so long! All I hope for is a speedy recovery for him :)

  3. that’s fucking fantastic news. glad they are back home where they have a support network behind them. very exciting, i wish him and his growing family nothing but the best.

  4. that’s brilliant. i don’t know arwen or any of the people involved personally, but i’ve read plenty about them on modblog, and i’m really happy that they’ve got him home so he can be cared for in a good facility surrounded by family and friends. all the best to them really.

  5. OH! I’m so happy for them, I sure hope he ever will get well enough to do suspension again.

  6. Thank you all for your love and support. We would not have made it this far without! I am almost home. Waiting in Philly for my last flight. We’ve waited and waited, feeling like this day would never come. Only 7 weeks till our Baby Girl, Odessa, arrives. Here’s to a new chapter<3 Wish us luck and please don’t stop sending positive energy our way. This is nowhere near over….

  7. I would like to encourage everyone to still donate ½ of what the make tomorrow 1/8 to Spliff, Jill and Baby Odessa for Spliff’s Bday. Everyone has put a lot of effort and support to this great cause, so we should not stop now. Thankfully they are back home in NY, But the fight is not over.
    To all the Piercers, Tattooists and Mod artists on this page, Most of us do not get health care insurance, unemployment or paid vacation time. So think about what it’s like not being able to work since July ( times 2) and having a baby due in 7 weeks. And no set date that things will return to normal.
    I would personally like to thank all that have donated and worked to help my friends, It’s been truly amazing to see. Let’s all push to get past the original 20 grand goal and all do everything we can to still help out. If you can’t afford to give ½ of what you make tomorrow please send whatever you can.
    You can go to the NCDDC site to donate

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