Splitting Distance

Procedural shots are always fun.  Especially when they’re of a tongue split.  Ryusuke sent this photo in, and what caught my eye wasn’t just the split, but also the eyes.  You can see how they’re looking off into the distance, to a place where the split is completed, away from the pain that the tongue is experiencing.  People deal with pain in different ways, for some, meditating or focusing on a distant place can free the mind from the pain, allowing the person to experience something unique to themselves.  There’s no right or wrong way to experience pain, it’s just a matter of doing what is best for your own satisfaction.

5 thoughts on “Splitting Distance

  1. I have always found splitting to be interesting but I don’t know much about it, I have some questions if the community would be so kind.

    Does this mod affect your sense of taste? Your ability to articulate?
    Can you use your tongue to do Pac Man impressions?
    Has anyone attempted to trisect their tongue?

  2. Have to say my sense of taste is the same although for four days after the spilt solid foods were not an option >_< and the only thing I really noticed was being unable to whistle as well as I used to, but that came back rather quick.

  3. @Dagon
    That’s cheating :)

    Just kidding, but I’m considering a tongue split for the future, and for some reason I feel like it would mean more if I felt it all. It’s hard to explain.

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