Symbols and Gods

Recently Bree was the subject of a photo shoot by Carlos Melgoza, for his Anima Nocturna project.

Anima Nocturna is a collaborative effort of occultists who express themselves in different mediums and is directed by artist and photographer Carlos Melgoza. The Embodiment of Symbols and Gods The subjects embraced by Anima Nocturna are brought about by mystical experiences and divine inspiration, each are different aspects of the path and paying attention to these mysteries is a natural inclination of the collective group.

Bree’s beautiful tattoos and stunning features made her a perfect choice for the project, as you can see in the photos below.

You’ll need to keep on reading to see the other photo…

Photos from the rest of the shoot can be found in the fantasy tattoo gallery, and a closer look at her legs can be seen in this ModBlog post from just over a year ago.

16 thoughts on “Symbols and Gods

  1. she looked hot in the first photo but butt ugly in the other one. really not too happy I clicked on this link actually.

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