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It’s time for another amputation post!  This time it’s LittleToe who sent in photos of his double finger-tip amputation.

To see the rest of the photos, keep on reading.

Like other posts on this subject, just because it looks easy in the pictures doesn’t mean it’s something to go out and do on a whim.  As for LittleToe’s amputations, he appears to have at least one healed finger, in addition to the two that he cut recently.  Hopefully we’ll get more photos as they heal, but you can get a good idea of what a healed one looks like by checking out the middle finger in the last image.

There are a lot more photos sent in by LittleToe, so if you want to check them out, as well as these photos full sized, head on over to the amputation gallery which is in the surgical galleries.  You will need a BME Hard subscription to view the images, so if you don’t have one yet, you can sign up right here.

40 thoughts on “Just the tip

  1. I don’t mean to offend but I really can’t understand why people do this? I don’t want to sound mean, but can anyone explain it to me? What is the appeal???

  2. @2, it’s so he can do the shaka hand sign without having to curl his middle 3 fingers.

  3. @3 There could be many reasons, but I would say the most common is aesthetics. There is absolutely no practical reason for someone to stretch their earlobes, but people do it anyways because they think it likes nice. I’d say the same could apply for this procedure. Also, there is a mental condition that some people have where they feel a part of their body doesn’t belong, and until they remove it they are not themselves…Someone with more knowledge on the subject can discuss that in further detail.

    Or many he bet two of his finger tips that the Detroit Lions would make the super bowl….Who knows! Kudos to him for doing it, though.

  4. He obviously knows what he is doing. The cut on the tip looks all lean and clean. No butchering. Although it’s pretty extreme I’m impressed by these pictures.

    I’m also very interested in the psychology behind all that. Nice post.

  5. People don’t specificly need a reason to do serious body modifications. If nose piercings and tattoos don’t do it for them, amputation or heavily modifying might be their way of getting satisfaction. I believe the human body is unfinished and gives us something to work with and also to create a better self, if it would make one happy. It’s just farther down the spectrum of modification.

  6. I am equally curious as to the “why” since it is the “most permanent ” of all mods as far as I am concerned… they don’t look bad although I wouldn’t ever do it myself ever…

  7. I’ve been doing a bit of research through psychological articles such as this one on amputation


    this one shows different motivations of amputation, this one with a guy with obvious problems… I do not know if all self amputated individuals are the same, I want to continue my research into it.

    the fact that the guy does it to feel more “whole” usually hints at some other problems, same thing for those derogatory videos posted about the tattoo and piercing community, such as that guy who couldn’t stop getting tats and the girl who couldn’t stop getting piercings (they were Asian and I forget what it was for but yeah amputation is in my opinion far more intense than a piercing or tattoo)

    I’m not sure if I agree with Nines above my comments that piercings are equal in intensity or reasoning to amputation but I’m willing to hear people out on this.

  8. @11 though that is a very valid reason someone might choose to amputate, it’s not the only…

    personally, i have considered full amputation of my left hand pinky finger. not for any body dysmorphia but due to the finger being no longer usable as it should be…
    years ago, i shattered the finger in a car door, and it never healed correctly… so much so, that i cannot extend the finger past a 90 degree angle at the second knuckle…..
    it causes such a lifestyle hindrance that i would be better off without it completely…

    so, yea…. there’s that..

  9. wow, I’ve been reading Modblog for years but that first photo has to be the most confrontational thing I’ve seen on here.

  10. The reason (most) people choose to amputate something for no reason is because of a body dysmorphic disorder or something along the lines of “alien hand syndrome” etc, which mostly relates back to psychology or an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.
    Amputations like this are literally the only thing I’ve ever seen on modblog and gone, “are you fucking kidding me?”
    But that’s just my piece on this particular subject.

  11. I ‘am sorry but i cannot see the beauty of this…One thing is enhancing your body another thing is mutilating it.Call me close minded but i cannot stop thinking at the fact that those fingers won’t ever grow back again and his hand will never be the same (which in a way i think it’s the beauty of it?).I mean,he won’t be able to play a guitar properly with that hand ever again for starters..Arguably the stumps are more sensitive than the fingers but in a different,less precise and punctual way: you are not enhancing your perceptions,you are changing them for the worse(in my opinion of course).Sorry,not trying to judge him,just my two bits.Anyway if he likes it that way more power to him:)

  12. @12

    He could make an awesome necklace out of it.. F*ck yea… I would.. but I like my fingers.. I find them useful for picking my nose, scratching my arse, painting pretty patterns on my nails.. ect ect.. but to each their own..

  13. The middle finger healed so nice! I wouldn’t think that it would end up that smooth with such a small scar. I wonder what he did with the cut off finger tips?

  14. I’dve done maybe one…theres simplistic beauty in asymetrical things sometimes
    I’ve also done my toes I think, I have hammer toes.

  15. I don’t know why but the picture of the disembodied finger tip really scared me in a sort of primal way…the stump itself doesn’t affect me at all…just that little bit of finger. wierd.

  16. The first pic made me giggle 🙂 Looks well done to my untrained eye though amputations don’t particularly make me feel anything one way or the other.

  17. Haha clearly it’s real but the dismembered tip looks like something you pick up in a Halloween joke bin.

  18. I don’t think it’s right to say that Little Toe has something like BDD or anything. His personal aesthetics may just compel him to believe that’s how it should be, or just how he desires himself. To address it as a problem (which may not have been the intention of other posters who mentioned it) seems a little wrong to me. Frankly, I don’t think we fully know what it means to be human other than in a biological definition. He’s outside the norm for sure but… You can definitely say he voluntarily amputated his fingertips, an act, easily defined. But then to make that act into an identity? I’m not so sure I’m ready to make that jump.

    It’s a hard position to be in, some people might say it’s mutilation but I’m sure his decision to do it was a long and rational one, even though to some rationality looks like it went out the window.

    Looks like it was done well, safely as possible, and perhaps like a one person job. I hope he’s happy!

  19. I think this is amazing! Looking at the galeries it looks like Littletoe has done several amputations on himself. Rob, it would be great if you could get an interview from him to see the motives behind the mods and the effects it has had on him.

  20. the way the tip looks in the first picture…it just looks surreal…doesn’t look real, because its so clean, so precise..

    its just…I dunno, has an artistic quality about it in the first pic…sorry might just be me lol

  21. A modification that you can never reverse, well they could potentially reverse it same day if they take the proper actions at preserving the tip and not further damaging the amputation sight. Um some people in the medical field go so far as saying that people with “nub fetishes” have mental issues or rather a mental disorder. Regardless of what spurred the modification, note I didn’t say mutilation or any such thing! But this is a brave modification, I need all of my digits to complete my job so, more power to this optional amputation!

  22. a few years ago for my birthday , my friend gave me his amputated fingertip . i love it , it was the best gift i have ever gotten . i keep it in a small jar of vodka and salt . not a mod i would choose personally , i get infections way too easy . the healed finger in the photo is very smooth and round , i wanna touch it .

  23. No offense, but I think people who cut their fingers off are fucking mental. Who, in their perfect mind, would want to amputate their fucking fingers? If they’re there, it is for a reason: we need fingers! For fuck’s sake, this is not body modification, this is mental illness.

  24. having cut the tip of mine off by accident I can only cringe at these pictures. I’m not sure why anyone would want to do it but at least it looks neat lol

  25. Unless you have some fucked up infection, frost bite or whatever causint that part of your body to not be able to function then you should amputate.. Otherwise, in my own opinion you are STUPID. What is the reasoning??
    “I like pain so Im going to cut off my FINGERS.” Wow…

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