“It’s just a bit of…harmless brain alteration, that’s all.”

The extent of my knowledge of Wallace and Gromit is that they’re claymation characters from some British animation studio, and evidently they’re super popular.  As with everything popular, eventually someone will get a tattoo of it.  Katy Colvin from Liquorice Tattoo in Kirriemuir, Scotland sent in this piece of the claymatic duo on a fan’s arm.  Liquorice Tattoo has been sending in a lot of really great portraits lately so expect to see more from Katy in the coming weeks.

The full size image of this one can be found in the newly renamed Cartoon & Comic Gallery.

8 thoughts on ““It’s just a bit of…harmless brain alteration, that’s all.”

  1. i love 3 things about this

    1: wallace and gromit are awesome
    2: its from scotland, as all good things are (such as myself)
    3: The artists last name is my first name

  2. Its my arm , only my second tattoo at the age of 48.
    A superb piece of art by the amazing Katy Colvin.

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