Fifty? Yep!

So when they’re not suspending someone 700 feet in the air, the Moscow based Sinner Team likes to use their down time to participate in suspensions that you probably won’t need an air sickness bag to watch.  Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re going to make things simple.

For a recent lotus suspension, the team used 50 hooks to bring one of their members up in the air.

As you can see above, this isn’t going to be a normal lotus suspension by any stretch of the imagination.  Keep on reading to check out just a sampling of the photos from the day.

From this view, you can see just how the rigging was set up.  Using 50 8 gauge hooks tied off to a custom built frame, they set about rigging up this complex suspension.

Of course, once in the air minor adjustments needed to be made, which is a common occurrence for most suspensions.  Of course, with 50 points to work with, that was a lot of adjustments.

Finally up in the air, you can see just how incredible of an experience this must have been for him.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to photos from this suspension.  All told there are almost 40 shots documenting the entire process from the initial hooks being thrown to the time they are removed.  Head on over to the lotus suspension gallery to see the rest of them.

10 thoughts on “Fifty? Yep!

  1. saw this earlier and wondered if it might appear on here. Visually stunning…. I love those static suspensions and I’d definitely be up for trying something similar. Personally, I’d have used smaller hooks, though 🙂

  2. Is the frame tilting in that last pic? Looks like the weight distribution wasn’t worked out correctly. Looks like it would’ve been a cool position to suspend in though.

  3. @Jon P: I think that’s just the perspective and the lens being used. There’s no tilt in any of the other photos.

  4. aye aye aye! It looks beautiful and comfortable compared to the usual suspensions but that must have taken forever, and taken a bunch of diligence to do

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