Here’s another great tattoo from Nautica Tattoo in Carrickfergus, N.Ireland.  This one is of a mechanical owl by Keith Nellins.

There are a few other pieces by Keith, and the other Nautica artists all over the tattoo galleries.  This one in particular came from the new skool gallery.

9 thoughts on “Mecha-Owl

  1. I love owls!!! A friend of mine is drawing up an owl for back. this one is really beautiful.

  2. lauren hit the nail on the head there.there are loads of really talented tattoo artists springing up around my way too.good to see!

  3. Yeah they have similarities but it’s definitely not a copy. It’s really not uncommon for people to be inspired by someone else’s work and want a derivative of their own. That they changed it and made it their own is a good thing, rather than trying to replicate the same thing.

    I’ve been seeing variations of owls like this for years. More lately since owls are really popular (and steampunk). I’ve got to say I’m a fan of owls. :)

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