BMEtv – Dean Sacred

During the BME World Tour, the crew visited Sacred Tattoo in Auckland, NZ and sat down with Dean Sacred, one of the owners of the shop.

To check out the video, just keep on reading.

If you’ve missed any of the videos so far, you can check them out in the BME World Tour Video Gallery

8 thoughts on “BMEtv – Dean Sacred

  1. BME need to give it up and just host on VImeo, various people on various browsers are either not able to see the videos being posted or are getting the wrong one. No point in putting them up until its fixed or hosted off site.

  2. That it was the wrong video was a simple mistake. We’re not going to host our content on someone else’s site. I don’t know why anyone would still be having problems viewing the videos since I figured out what was wrong and went back and corrected the videos so they’d play. They all play for me now.

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