Jellyfish Lips

The vast majority of lip tattoos that I’ve seen consist of a single word or initials in black ink, with the occasional small symbol added for emphasis.  Then there are the exceptions, just like this jellyfish lip that Jonas from Hayd Tattoo in Schramberg, Germany did.  For a location that traditionally is used with a minimalistic design, to see a full color piece is a great change of pace.

You can check out the full sized image, as well as more lip tattoos, in the lip tattoo gallery.

30 thoughts on “Jellyfish Lips

  1. cool tattoo idea but that is some serious periodontal disease *shudder*
    My dentist would faint, lol

  2. Great idea. Love the color, but this person needs to focus on getting their teeth worked on because that looks serious.

  3. Anyways, aside from the teeth (which shouldn’t be an issue anyways, seeing as how this is Modblog, not an ADA newsletter) I find that there might be a good reason the inner lip is traditionally tattooed with minimalistic and single color (black) design…

  4. I haven’t been to a dentist in almost 5 years [going next week, for my bday present!] and I was all, would it kill you to go into photoshop and change the hue just a li’l? lean yellow instead of green

  5. I really hope the weird colors on his gum line are just the green ink or something getting stuck there…

    Outside of that, this is really cool. *hums spongebob theme*

  6. Nah his gums aren’t healthy aside from the color. Sorry to crush your hopeful dental dreams.

  7. Oh dear god, I’m going to go brush my teeth for like, 20 minutes and floss until the container is empty…*shudder*

  8. also just because this isnt doesnt mean we shouldnt point out the state of the gums, gum erosion like that could be caused by his piercings + lack of dental care

  9. My lower gumline looks a little bit like that because my labret had issues and I ended up removing it after only 2 months. My gums healed up, but never grew upwards since. I don’t however have tartar buildup and stuff like that.

    I’d like to see a pic after it’s healed to see if the tattoo holds up.

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