BMEtv – Steve Ma Ching

Last summer the BME World Tour interns stopped by Western Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand.  While there they had a chance to sit down with tattoo artist Steve Ma Ching and get his thoughts on modern Polynesian tattoos.

To check out the video, just keep on reading.

If you’ve missed any of the videos so far, you can check them out in the BME World Tour Video Gallery

13 thoughts on “BMEtv – Steve Ma Ching

  1. Oh c’mon, I just reinstalled Quicktime because the videos don’t work, and it’s STILL not working. Maybe you could upload these vids to a BMEtv YouTube channel?

  2. This is getting silly. I’ve really wanted to watch these videos and haven’t seen a single one. They don’t load on my MacBook Pros, Mac Pro, iPad, or iPhone.

  3. If it did fix it for you guys then I’ll go back and do the same thing to the other videos but it’s definitely working for me now.

  4. i havnt been able to view these videos at all. i use windows. it says the required plugin is not installed. how do i get the plug in?

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