Speak softly and carry a big stick

Teddy Roosevelt is known for a lot of things, being the first American to win a Nobel prize, getting the Panama canal finished, establishing the first national parks, and having his face carved into a mountain.  Well, he can now add having his face etched into skin thanks to Andy Johnson from Cap City Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio.

Working around the moles that are on the skin, Andy pulled off an almost charcoal-esque portrait.  You can check out more portraits in the portrait tattoo gallery, or if political tattoos are more your thing, then head over to the political and patriotic tattoo gallery.

2 thoughts on “Speak softly and carry a big stick

  1. That is sweeeeet! Beautiful portrait work and love the way the artist has worked around the person’s skin – just elevates it to an even more naturalistic portrait.

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