Turning the other cheek

One of the rarer piercings that pop up in the galleries are dahlia piercings.  While we see cheek piercings from time to time, dahlias seem to not be as prevalent.  Below is a young lady sporting dahlias by Brian Sane from Sink the Ink in Doylestown, PA.

You can see more of this beauty in the cheek piercing gallery.

I’m pretty sure she’s wearing false eyelashes, because if she isn’t I know a bunch of people who will be extremely jealous.

11 thoughts on “Turning the other cheek

  1. I’ve had Dahlia piercings for going on 2 years now. I submitted pics to the BME galleries that were never put up. I feel kind of slighted here.

  2. @Jagger: We get hundreds of new photos in every day. It just happened that these were the first dahlias I’ve seen in the galleries since I started writing for ModBlog. You also have to keep in mind that ModBlog only does 5 posts a day during the week. When compared to the thousands of images we get a week, you can see that it’s not possible for everything to be featured.

    And Jen is absolutely right, we do get cheek piercing photos in every day.

  3. That’s MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy fuck I’m on modblog, hahahaha. Yes, the eyelashes are fake. They took forever to put on because the glue was being difficult…

  4. Those are definitely fake eyelashes. Hahahaha. Seeing as I took this picture (and the other two), I’m super excited to see this up. :D

  5. i saw a girl the other day with this piercing. She had it placed very close to her lip and only on one side so it looked like she had spittle stuck in the corner of her mouth ><

  6. @Rob: I know, I know. I didn’t mean to come off mean or anything, I was just kind of upset that my pictures were never added. I’m the only person I know with Dahlia’s, and I’ve never seen another person with them, outside of maybe 2-3 pictures I’ve found online. Hell, I’m on Google if you image search Dahlia piercings!

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