Go for the throat

If you’re thinking of suspending for your first time, it’s probably a good idea to avoid doing this type of suspension for your first time.

That right there is goatthroat0666 one of the members of the AGRO suspension group from Houston, TX.  Two weeks ago, AGRO hosted their 2011 Superpull event where this brave young man pulled off a 2 point throat, 1 point forehead suspension.

There’s one more photo to show you, so if you want to see him in the air, keep on reading.

I had to lighten the photo a bit in photoshop, but you can see just how intense this suspension was.

You can check out a larger version of both photos in the AGRO suspension group gallery.

42 thoughts on “Go for the throat

  1. Yes and as the great Mr Allen Falkner stated it only took a few seconds before the forehead hook tore and it took 7 stitches to close back up.
    Valiant attempt though.

  2. That’s just gross!! Why would anybody do such a thing….Did you ever think of counseling?

  3. @Rob It was three hooks in the throat, and the first photo is from the pull before the suspension.

    And way to go Neil! Loved pulling by you… it was good times!

  4. If you’re thinking about being a writer try to avoid redundancy if you’re thinking about being a writer.

    That’s a badass tattoo. I wanna see that when he’s an old man. That’s when it’s gonna be really good!

  5. @tony.. Maybe you should look at my post in a different light? You do not know me therefore yourself should not be judging….

    @Nick I am definitely in the right place. Right here by my friends and family…

  6. Well Mr. Rebirth, your comments are pretty direct, so how can they be seen in any other light? While you are certainly entitled to have an opinion, stating that something is “gross” doesn’t exactly come across in a positive way. Perhaps you should read the experiences on BME if you really want to know “why someone would do such a thing”. Finally, what is the point of asking the suspendee if they ever thought of counseling?

    In any event, mad props on the kick ass Baphomet chest piece, and I can only imagine how intense the pull and suspension were.

  7. I have an idea!! Since my comment has obviously offended people maybe I will walk a mile in goatthroat’s shoes. He and I can have a duel to the death on a spinning beam and then maybe I will understand why anyone would do such a thing.. Then maybe him and I can go to couples counseling together.

  8. Ok, so I’m the guy who did the suspension. Everybody needs to calm down b/c Ryan Rebirth is a close friend of mine and was completely joking. Not a troll at all. Anyway, yes this suspension is definitely NOT a good idea to attempt, but anyone who really knows me that none of my suspensions are. And as far as the valiant attempt goes, it was completely my intention to have the hook tear out of my face. Whenever i suspend, I have a specific goal, and they’re not always the best idea,but I always follow through with my intentions. Rob, I’ll send you a couple of after photos so everyone can see what happened to my forehead.

  9. Ryan knows Neil personally. Ryan and Neil would be fun to see on a beam! of course Neil would be single point something, and Ryan would be 2pt chest i would guess? haha, funny how people get so serious on here…

  10. @Ryan

    It’s a damn shame sarcasm doesn’t transfer via the itnerwebs. Those who know you…..GOT IT. Those BMEr’s out there who don’t know you and your relationship with Neil…..well they didn’t get it.

    You and Dallas going to Suscon? I freaking Miss you guys!

  11. I dunno about counseling, but Neil needs a hug for sure. BTW the forehead hook tore out and he needed 7 stitches to close the wound.

    That suspension was pretty amazing, but still a VERY bad idea. Please don’t try this at home…or anywhere else for that matter!

  12. So Allen… I guess Neil and I doing a forehead spinning beam is out of the question then?

  13. Neil I lub yo ass!! Will… Still not sure if we are or not.Things are still quite hectichere…And I definitely miss you as well. I am hoping to get everyone up here this summer to swing by the lakes.. Sort of a hookers camping trip!!!

  14. I don’t really get why it’s fun or funny to go onto a website where your “friend”‘s work has been posted and then make fun of it and troll. Clearly most of us won’t have knowledge of your prior relationship, because we don’t particularly care, so the only purpose is to be a twat. Cool, internet twats. Cool friend.

  15. Wow so now I am a twat for making a comment addressed towards my friend who would understand the humor in it because we tend to comment towards each other like that? Neil and I work with each other and have that kind of relationship. But if you couldn’t see the sarcasm in my comment then well….And I guess you are the bigger person for calling me a troll and a twat…….I feel for you…

  16. I like everything about this post. The insane suspension, the goat tattoo, the fact that he’s listening to enya on his ipod, the pretend trolling, I love this place!

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