Nerdy BME Girls are the best BME Girls

How do I know Krista is nerdy?  Well, for starters, her feet are probably the nerdiest ones I’ve seen in a while.  She also looks really cute sporting a pair of thick rimmed glasses.

Krista sent in a whole bunch of photos to the BMEGirls gallery, so make the most of your Friday afternoon and go check out all the other beautiful BMEGirls.

16 thoughts on “Nerdy BME Girls are the best BME Girls

  1. I wish “geek chique” was not so popular. 🙁 As a real nerd, I see very little nerdy about star wars tattoos and those big ugly glasses that have become popular.

    Now…If I saw someone with a tattoo of John Donne or Ben Jonson? THAT would be nerdy!

    Nevertheless…she is way smokin hot. XD

  2. I’m legitimately visually impaired, just to clarify. I’ve had glasses since I was 6 years old, albeit they were pink as opposed to black.

  3. how is she nerdy? i’d fuck the shit out of her, given the chance, but hot nerdy girls today are defined by wayfarer style eyeglasses and pigtails. /sigh.

  4. its aint nerdy if its cool/popular or fashionable
    nerds and geeks will always be on the outside of the trends, by definition.

    not that this girl aint a nerd, i dont know her.
    but getting a pop-culture tattoo certainly doesnt make you one


  5. WOW! She’s so beautiful! And I love how nicely all her tattoos go together despite being seemingly unrelated. Gorgeous! 😀

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