Knock on wood

When it comes to hand tattoos, Keegan has a knack for giving himself pieces that people will stop and take notice.  2 years ago he freaked former ModBlog writer Jordan out with his Dali inspired palm tattoo.  This time around he’s given himself a wooden hand!

There’s a few more photos in the hand tattoo gallery that are definitely worth a gander.  And if you happen to be in Toronto, you can check out the hand in person at Forever Yonge Ink.

3 thoughts on “Knock on wood

  1. i love that!!! it is so cool wow really it is reminiscent of henna because of the colors.

  2. It won’t stay…sorry but I have had my hands tattooed for many years now including the fingers….pretty much only black stays well…I haven’t updated in a long time but my Iam page is full of pic of my awesome orange hands and stuff…that alas, are no more. After years of painful finger tattooing I gave up and used black..which stayed perfectly (well as perfect as hands can be really).

  3. When I first saw this, I didn’t think “wood” – I thought “Jupiter”, although that could just be because I’m taking an Astronomy class.

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