Flight of the Locust

When it comes to distinct styles, Ania from Szerytattoo in Poland has a style that just jumps right out at you.  If you remember back in January, I posted a fantastic octopus piece by her.  This time we have her interpretation of a locust in flight.  mOshpit_panda, the owner of the tattoo, made the trip to Warsaw specifically to get it done in Ania’s distinct style.

Ania doesn’t have her own portfolio gallery yet, so for now you can see this and some of her other works in the miscellaneous tattoo gallery.

7 thoughts on “Flight of the Locust

  1. awesome locust!
    the more i see poland origin tattooes, the more i like this country.
    bytheway, i’m doing a picture of a poland paintist Zhdislav Beksinski tattooed on my back 🙂
    poland art is amazing 🙂

  2. yeah finally i (or at least my leg) made it to modblog 😀
    thanks to you i learned about ania in the first place!
    i really loved the squid piece and knew i had to get the locust i had in mind for quite a while done by her in the characteristic style i love so much.

  3. i have a tattoo that i want her to so, i love her style!!!
    i would so travel across the world to get it

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