Chin up!

A few weeks back at the Philly Tattoo Convention I had the chance to take some photos for Mandic of his chin scarification piece.  This cutting by Brian was a pretty bloody affair.

Oh, you want to see the pictures of the cutting?  Just keep on reading.

This is about three quarters of the way through the cutting, and also the time that the bleeding was at its worst.  The top and bottom parts of the scar and had already been peeled away, and what remained was a stretch of skin right along the tip of his chin.

The tiny hands (well, tinier than Brian’s) belong to Dyscordic, who was assisting.

Finally, here’s how the scar looked just before it was wrapped up.

You can see even more photos of this cutting in the skin removal scarification gallery.

Oh, and you can definitely expect to see this as a follow-up post once it has healed a little more.

24 thoughts on “Chin up!

  1. thats gonna be one gnarley scab. I <3 brian decker though, he is the best of the best.

  2. I look forward to seeing it healed!

    …also, I always end up reading modblog when I’m eating. Is it bad I can look at stuff like this and not lose my appetite? lol

  3. @7
    it is most likely the same depth as the rest of the removal, it looks like it is deeper because blood is pooling more on one side in the photo

  4. Looks great buddy, but I gotta say it be even radder if you carried it down your whole torso. You’d have a built in racing stripe, it would be amazing!

  5. anyone that has been on bme for at least a few years knows that is way to deep for that area.
    feel bad for the guy

  6. im sure the end result will look amazing, and im all for extreme mods, but i just can’t cope with that second pic! its like Brian’s peeling away layers of your face! arrrrgh 🙂

  7. I am confused as to how everyone is judging depth here. It is an odd angle looking down at the underside of my chin. The cut became very wide under my chin, due to the skin. When he removed the flesh the cut just widened out and separated.

    I promise you it is healing up nicely. I should be taking some follow-up healing shots tonight. It is coming up on 4 weeks of heal time(this friday). And the only thing I can report is the scar tissue is of course very tight.

  8. @peteD3: Yep, the Philly convention last month.

    @rivetlicker: As someone who was standing a foot away, I can tell you that is wasn’t anywhere close to being too deep. The amount of blood, plus the angle of the shot makes it seem like it is, but Brian knows what he’s doing.

  9. Oh, wow.
    I’m not squeamish at all but the first couple pictures of all the blood made me dry-heave a bit. I can’t wait to see healed photos, I can bet it is going to look AWESOME.

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