Self-injury Awareness Day

For those that may not know, today is Self-injury Awareness Day.

Self-injury Awareness Day (SIAD) is a grassroots annual global awareness event / campaign on March 1, where on this day, and in the weeks leading up to it, some people choose to be more open about their own self-harm, and awareness organizations make special efforts to raise awareness about self-harm and self-injury. Some people wear an orange awareness ribbon, wristband or beaded bracelet to encourage awareness of self-harm. The goal of the people who observe SIAD is to break down the common stereotypes surrounding self harm and to educate medical professionals about the condition.

You’ll note at the end that today isn’t about passing judgment on others, but to just encourage awareness about the truths behind self-harm.  As such, I’ve selected a photo from the ritual cutting gallery to share with you.  As we do with all ritual cutting photos, it will be behind a clickthrough so those who choose not to view it have that choice.

Of the many photos in the cutting gallery, this one seems well suited for today.

10 thoughts on “Self-injury Awareness Day

  1. Whoa. Never seen that use for a safety pin before… O.o

    Glad you posted this, though. :)

  2. I started cutting myself at a very young age, before I ever knew that a term for cutting or self-mutilation existed. Thank you for this post.

  3. A “déjà vu”….
    Means a lot too and it’s realy THE day for that
    Thank you

  4. The feeling of piercing ones self is amazing.. You feel the pain, you feel the object, and you feel the end result. You get a smile when somethings turns out the way you wanted to, even if thier is pain evolved….

  5. Um…obviously this post is going to attract the attention of those who self-injure. You might have thought twice about including a VERY triggering picture with the message. I see no “clickthrough” option.

  6. Megan – There is a warning and the photo is behind a click through on the site. If you saw no click through then you came directly to this page without being on the site.

  7. Ive never personally taken cutting this far, that looks like a scary this to do. I only make small cuts with a razor blade

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