Wednesday, Bloody, Wednesday

Now if you thought that the chin scarification from yesterday was bloody.  Just think how much blood was shed in this massive undertaking.

This big ol’ scar piece was done across the pond by Ricki Duncan from Bridgend Tattoo Studio, conveniently located in the town of Bridgend, UK.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday, Bloody, Wednesday

  1. Respect. But forget the blood, guarantee cleaning and healing were millions of times worse than procedure. Two weeks of hell. Worth it though.

  2. INTENSE! That’s a LOT of skin gone…all the best for healing that!
    And Please, we want to see a follow-up on this as it progresses.

  3. This is good work… big pieces like this are tough healers but look great if they heal well. hope it heals well, it will look excellent.gonna be sore….. impressed.

  4. Great work! BOLD AS FUCK! love it!
    Healing WILL be intense!
    @VOX haha your onto it dude! ive healed a bold side piece… damn the 2 weeks of hell! fucking worth it :)

  5. the removed areas are all so thick, and over such a large area, that i bet the healed tissue isnt going to be very consistent. but i hope it ends up healing lovely, and how she imagined it!

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