It’s not unusual…

The artist formerly known as IAM:omglolzroflmao has packed up his bags and moved to the cold northern wilds of Edmonton, Alberta.  But just because he’s in the cold, doesn’t mean he doesn’t heat up the town when he goes out.

See, no matter where Chris goes, the party is sure to follow.  That dashing young man on the left happens to be the one and only Alfonso Ribiero, star of Silver Spoons, and some show about a rapper.  I’ll let you guys and gals decide which one of them is the BMEBoy.

Oh, and I would be remiss not to point out Chris’ black arm in progress, as well as his BME Calm logo tattoo on his neck.

11 thoughts on “It’s not unusual…

  1. Thanks, Rob!

    Before anyone can say it…the blackwork is healing in various stages, that’s why it looks stripy/not the best in this pic 🙂

  2. totally carlton and made me laugh the fuck out loud pretty hard. does he have a body suit we can’t see? this is pretty cute pic.

  3. i think alfonso is so happy because that other guy looks like ricky schroder. …the other star of silver spoons lol

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